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FAITH Padded Prayer Mat | Serene Coral Blue Color, Softly Padded with

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Key Product Features:
SPACIOUS & EXPANSIVE: Pray, Ponder and Reflect on a Prayer Mat which provides ample and abundant space – 49” in Length x 25.5” in Width

SOFTLY PADDED: Padding Provides Balance for Easy, Soft and Stable Interaction with your Feet, Knees, Hands and Forehead. A Beautiful Experience

ANTI-SLIP PROTECTION: Non-Slip Feature holds your Position in Prayer. Especially Appreciated on Hardwood and Non-Carpeted Floors

MARVELOUS DESIGN: Truly Unique, Vibrant and Serene Coral Blue Ottoman Design with Floral Motifs can be a staple in Beautifying your Prayer Space

A LIVING TRADITION: Made in Turkey by Artisans in a chain dating back for 100's of years

Product Description:
Beautify your Prayer Space with a Luxurious Padded Prayer Mat - part of the FAITH Collection by Sacred Artisans.

This Padded Prayer Rug is soft on the Feet, Knees, Hands and Forehead, with an Anti-Slip Protective Layer underneath to ensure consistent positioning and safety for Users both young and old throughout their Prayer.

Especially good for Hard or Non-Carpeted Floors, where non-padded Prayer Rugs can sometimes be uncomfortable or slip occasionally – this Prayer Mat feels Spacious, Stable and Expansive, serving to cultivate ease for Spiritual Aspirants in their Daily Remembrances.