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Blue Agate, Sodalite, Decorative Cross Protestant Prayer Beads

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An excellent guide to your prayer life these Protestant, Anglican, Methodist, Episcopal Prayer Beads come with card that has directional suggestions on how to pray with each bead, and a small draw string bag to keep your prayer beads in. These beads are a good size to carry in you pocket or purse, so you can use them whenever you have time or whenever you feel in need a spiritual break from everyday life to talk with God.

This set of prayer beads is assembled on 49 strand jewelry wire with:
5 (4 Cruciform beads, 1 invitatory bead) 10 mm round semi-precious *Sodalite beads in shades of blue with light markings,
28 (Week day beads and 1 resurrection bead) 8 mm round semi-precious Blue Fire *Agate beads in shades of blue to light blue,
all separated by Czech silver painted glass seed beads,
with a 1.5” decorative silver tone metal cross charm.

Length from the top bead to the bottom of cross is 9 1/8”

All my prayer beads ship in a gift box, with a draw string bag to keep the prayer beads in. The instruction guide is on a card that can also be folded and carried around in the drawstring bag.

More Information about Prayer Beads:
The prayer bead circle is separated into four sections of seven beads each, this represents the seven days of creation or the week, the number seven in the Bible represents perfection. The four large beads around the circle are called cruciform beads because they form an invisible cross. The large bead near the cross is called the invitatory bead, to symbolize the invitation into the circle of prayer. Some prayer beads include an additional bead just above the invitatory, this is often referred to as the resurrection bead and signifies a reminder that Christ lives on.

*Gemstones are thought to help with concentration and healing
- Sodalite is said to help with insight, clarity and intuition
- Agate is said to help enhance courage, confidence and strength

Before I mail out a set of beads I pray for Peace and Love for the recipient of these beads.

Please note when I re-list an item that has previously been purchased, the item will not be exactly the same, natural and crackled bead shades vary. The pictures in this listing are of the current item for sale. I do update my pictures and sometimes change the description slightly on my prayer beads.